February 06, 2006

The aftermath

Some views on the police response to the Muslim protest over the Danish Cartoons. They all seem to come to the same view that as Harry's Place put it
The Islamists who carried placards glorifying 9/11 and 7/7 in London yesterday and who called for further murders while dressed as suicide bombers must be prosecuted if the criminal law in this country is not to become a laughing stock.
To which The Daily Ablution added
Will our government and legal institutions continue the policy of craven appeasement, carried out under white flags of surrender bearing the legends 'inclusivity' and 'celebrating multiculturalism'? Or will they finally show the courage to fight the barbarism in our midst - courage that has until now been so sadly lacking?
My guess, no they won't. They will just claim to be gathering evidence until the fuss dies down and they can quietly let the matter drop. The EU Referendum Blog then contrasts this attitude to the way that the police presecute others for far less.

From the Muslim side of this we learn that most of these people where not extremists, even if their views where rather extreme
almost all the banners and placards were HT, people were free to bring their own but HT had a big stack of them for people to take.

however i would say the vast majority of the people there were not HT
But since they did have the option of not using these prepared banners, or simply not holding any banner, it can be assumed that these people did believe that these slogans where justifiable. And these are people who do not consider themselves extreme and are not part of His Butt Tahir.


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